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    Are you overwhelmed by your company's ESG commitments?

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    Is high renewable energy cost killing your profit?

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    Are you being distracted by environmental and social impact obligations?

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    Confused about how to create a circular ecosystem for your business that makes sense?

Netzero Technologies has the solution that will help you lower renewable energy cost, creating quantifiable science based techniques for both environmental and social impact while creating a circular system that not only reduce cost but also create new revenue opportunities


Netzero Benefits


Renewable investment

Earn fixed income from your renewable energy investment


Affordable Price

Access to affordable renewable energy up to

50% savings


Certificate Generation

Generate your own REC(Renewable Energy Certificate) and Voluntary Carbon Credit

Andy ChangAndy Chang CEO/Founder

Our Founder says

"I was confused by all the jargons in the market place. There are so many companies offering carbon credits and offsets, there were companies offering to rent my roof for solar power and companies trying to sell me energy monitoring solutions to make my factory more energy efficient.

I was lost with all the options available in the marketplace and I was determined to figure out how to create a truly sustainable business that can reach carbon neutrality while bring benefit to the community where my factory reside and creating a circular business that not only can increase my company's revenue but also reduce my company's carbon footprint.

Thru this effort, I've founded Netzero Technologies. We can help you cut thru the noise and help you create a sustainable, profitable business."


Netzero Solutions

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Hybrid Solar Solution (HSS) that captures both heat and light from the sun to generate 6x more energy while using 6x less space



CSP (concentrated solar power) excess heat can be redeployed to create: Biogas Activated Carbon Biochar SRF (solid recovered fuel)

Netzero Data Center

Netzero Data Center

A solution leveraging the HSS renewable energy for data center while recycling heat from CSP (concentrated solar power) to cool data centers

Carbon Credit & More

Carbon Credit & More

Single platform allowing user to buy, sell and use their PPA (power purchasing agreement), REC (renewable energy certificate) and voluntary carbon credit


3 Easy Steps


Get a free consultation

We will do a quick 30-minute diagnostics and discuss different options available for you to hit your goals


Get a New plan

We will send you a plan that matches your needs


Achieve your ESG goals

We will execute the plan on your behalf, and you can hit all your goals and increase revenue with ease

Most Business don't have a ESG plan they are confident in.......

At Netzero Technologies we know that you want to become a sustainable business and do good for the environment. In order to do that, you need a solution that can reduce carbon footprint while improve your profitability at the same time. The problem is, current market solutions are very expensive and confusing, which makes your feel frustrated and helpless. We believe making the world a better and healthier place to live shouldn't cost business it's bottom line. Businesses should be profitable making the world a healthier and better place and those businesses that don't shouldn't be profitable. We understand the need to be both profitable and sustainable which is why we developed a renewable energy solution that is affordable, circular and will help you achieve your ESG goals.

We will understand your ESG goals, develop a customized solution for your goals and implement the solution to help you become a sustainable and profitable business.

All you have to do is click the "get started" button to start on your journey to achieving all your ESG goals. Mean while, please down load a copy of our whitepaper. With Netzero Technologies, you can stop feeling frustrated and helpless about achieving your ESG goals and instead you can start feeling confident and positive about your goals