Netzero Data Center

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  • Is your data center‘s HVAC energy using more than 20% of your total energy cost?

    Is your IT equipment energy using more than 40% of your total energy cost?


Netzero Technologies's NDI (Netzero Data Infrastructure) solution help you reduce HVAC energy by up to 90%!


Our HSS (hybrid solar solution) can help you reduce your total electricity cost by 100%!

You can achieve level 1 PUE (power usage effectiveness) and still be profitable!

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    Do you lack an affordable solution to run a highly energy efficient data center?

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    Are your customers demanding for low carbon footprint services?

Netzero Technologies can help you achieve 1 PUE (power usage effectiveness) with a total solution that address your cooling need for GPUs and CPUs as well as your energy requirements to run and operate your it equipments.


Data Center Solutions

GPU and CPU cooling Solution

GPU and CPU cooling Solution

Renewable Energy Solution

Renewable Energy Solution

Siloed Wasted Energy